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Sinem Bagce

Greetings! Welcome to my website!

I am a researcher with a strong focus on addressing various societal challenges related to inequalities, social identities, discrimination, migration, and labour market marginalization.

My academic journey has led me to achieve a PhD in Economics from Istanbul Yıldız Technical University, Turkiye. My doctoral research was particularly focused on two essential fields within identity economics.

My academic interests continue to drive my research endeavours, and some of the areas that I am particularly passionate about include:

  • Economic behaviors of immigrants and vulnerable social groups.

  • Migration Economics, with a specific focus on Syrian immigrants in Turkey.

  • Romani Identity and the Economic Welfare of Romani People in Turkey.

  • Social Policy and Social Inclusion.

I am excited to share my insights, findings, and experiences with you through this platform. Together, let's explore new perspectives and strive for a more inclusive and equitable society. Thank you for visiting my website, and please feel free to explore and engage with the wealth of knowledge here.

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